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What do we do

TRL+ is an initiative committed to highlighting research projects in order to turn them into commercially and economically viable triple-impact spin-offs.

We work in the cogeneration of Technology-Based Companies (TBC’s) originating in the projects of the Universities Research Centers, thanks to the union of professional business teams and researchers.

Our value proposition covers the uncertainty about how to formalize the business structure, overcome the fears and the lack of capacity for self-generation of the company, that usually exists in the research groups and marks the milestones of the development plan, as well as that of its early viability.

Among other activities, we take care of:

  • Analysis of the viability and commercial potential of each project
  • Formulation of the business plan
  • Formation of suitable teams
  • Constitution, development and management of the Spinoffs
  • Access to financing sources, design of founding rounds and the ideal type of investors
  • Management of capital outflows


Research Projects

Business development
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The best researchers are rarely good entrepreneurs.

Why trust TRL+?


We honor research

Our goal is to value the effort used in the research process and turn it into viable business projects with high potential.


Qualified team

Our team brings strong business development experience, across all functional areas, critical to getting a business off the ground.


Efficient model

We propose a collaboration model that ensures efficient business development, minimizing capital needs.


Method and procedures

We have developed a proven method to ensure, sufficient understanding of the technology and the commercial development to increase its value.



We understand how critical is the handling of
sensitive information, so we provide solid commitments of confidentiality and security of the documentation.



We are moved by a sincere interest in developing projects with potentia,l based on valuable research, but ethics comes first. You can access our Code of Ethics here.

The TRL+ approach


Starting condition: gain the trust of our future partners.


Our Brand: apply diligence, rigor, empathy and transparency in the processes.


Our vocation: mining, in search of the most disruptive technologies in the sources (the labs).


Our contribution and benefit: achieve business viability and solid growth.


Our objective: To ensure that technology transfer generates value for the Society.

We create bridges (and translation) between research and society.

They work with us

Universidad Politécnica de valencia
Universidad de Valencia
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas CSIC
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
BIGBAN Inversores Privados
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