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When working in areas such as industrial, healthcare, agriculture/food, or environmental and energy, to name a few, constant innovation is vital.

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If you’ve chosen to embrace an Open Innovations System, you might occasionally find yourself a bit frustrated. The calls you organize to attract collaboration proposals are becoming increasingly challenging to fulfill. The profiles often don’t fit well: they’re unsuitable, lack innovation, and are weak as business projects. The solutions they typically offer don’t quite match, and starting processes with them rarely succeeds. Many proposals lack business solidity and fade away in 6/8 months, leaving a high resource effort without efficiency. We understand this challenge perfectly. 

Collaborating between the business world and the researcher is not easy; in fact, it’s extremely complex, as we communicate in very different ways. We understand this perfectly, and with our procedures, we build bridges, assisting you with this translation, making communication flow so that we can develop the process more harmoniously, becoming translators between academia and your company. And even more! We fully engage with the solution we’re going to propose, as we’re going to be part of it at the business level.

How can we assist you?

If you’re navigating turbulent waters to identify crucial challenges for your company, we’re here to help clarify and define them. Together, we undertake the necessary work to identify your innovation pains, define challenges and needs, as well as distinguish the technologies that can truly be of assistance to you.

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We build bridges between business and research: Begin your journey towards Deeptech solutions with us.


Identify the solution


Spinoff creation


Pursuit of Objectives


Risk-free solution

How do we do it?

Once everything is clear, and we are fully aligned, we connect with our network of prominent laboratories and research centers, where we seek the most capable technology and teams to address your challenges.

You oversee the process, closely monitor the development of the solutions we’re creating for you. You are the primary point of contact to tailor our proposal to your needs and adoption criteria. You won’t be alone on this journey; we go hand in hand throughout the process, collaborating closely with you.

Once the solution is identified, our relationship continues, and we keep collaborating side by side. We become partners with the researchers, creating a solid and solvent spinoff with them, ensuring results within the budget, meeting agreed timelines, and fulfilling all expectations. At that point, you will receive the solution without assuming any risk in its development, allowing you to position yourself in front of our proposal as a client or, if you deem it appropriate, as a preferred industrial or financial partner.

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