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What do we want?

  1. Dedication of at least 2 hours per month, participating in our monthly closing meetings and other relevant activities.
  2. Contribution in ideas and procedures, according to your experience and in your area of competence (not limited).

What are we offering?

  1. Integration in a world-class company such as TRL+, a leader in innovation and technology transfer.
  2. Possibility to become a shareholder, after one year, in TRL+ or in one of our TReaLized companies (through Stock Options or Phantom Shares).
  3. Networking at the highest level with all our stakeholders.
    Possibility to invest in TRL+ with a 50% discount on the valuation of the round.
  4. Privileged access to our TReaLized deal flow
  5. Possibility to enter as an LP in our fund

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    We are committed to bringing the extraordinary disruptive innovation that takes place in the cradle of knowledge “The University”, to society and business.